A Hand-y Guide to Wisdom

My minister told us today that we can have a better life by following the wisdom contained in the five fingers of our hand. So here are five guidelines for living an empowered life, with our five fingers to help us remember them. If you think life has dealt you a bad hand, maybe you just haven’t been looking at it in the right light!

THUMB: Thumbs Up

Our thumb reminds us to keep a “thumbs up” attitude. A positive attitude DOES make a difference in your life! Our thoughts create our experiences. If you want to have better experiences, begin with better thoughts. Just like in hitchhiking, when you put your thumb “up”, you can begin to move forward again! Maybe this idea should be in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide …”.

INDEX FINGER: Point the way to your day

Just as we use our index finger to point to things of interest, we need to provide a direction for each day by setting an intention as we start our day. Reflect back upon this intention during the day, to keep it conscious throughout the day. Create long term goals that help you select your daily intentions. And, maybe, define a mission for your life that helps you set your goals. When you give your life direction, you are likely to actually go somewhere! So make it a “point” to set goals and intentions.


Some use the middle finger to “flip off” those that have slowed them down on the highway. On the spiritual path, there are many thoughts that can delay our progress and enjoyment. These are usually created out of of fear. Don’t let ideas of lack or separation take control of your thinking. Remember, FEAR means “Forgetting Everything is All Right”! Affirm your connection to the power of Love that is in you and connects all of us. When you feel connected to this source, you will be open to the flow of abundance which is always available. The abundance may not be initially found in the manifest world, as it begins in the world of thoughts and ideas. But the right ideas can manifest a wealth of abundance in the physical world and you need to be open to those thoughts. “Flip” your thoughts from fear to love.

FOURTH FINGER: Go forth in peace and harmony

The fourth finger reminds us to go forth in peace and harmony. When you forgive and release your fears, you will rest in faith and travel in peace, knowing that the goodness of the Universe is working with you. Being in harmony with your source, you may even want to sing along (or you can just dance)! May the “forth” be with you (groan)!

LITTLE FINGER: Little things DO matter

Finally, the little finger reminds us that little things can be important. Often we think we are unable to achieve our dreams, because the destination seems overwhelmingly distant. But when we take small steps in the direction of our dreams, we activate the power of the Universe to assist us. Synchronicities begin to happen that magnify our humble efforts and, before long, we are much closer to achieving our goals than we thought possible. Remember, it is not our concern HOW something will happen; we are only responsible only for choosing WHAT we want. When we are clear on that point AND we start to act “as if” it is possible and we expect it, the mechanism of manifestation will begin to work
for us. So, take that first step, no matter how “little”. (Don’t be-little it!)

And there you have it – a handful of wisdom waiting to remind you how to live more abundantly. Give it a try and you may be “handed” a whole new reality!


Prosperity Plus class by Mary Manin Morrissey.

Personal experience.

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  1. Usually when I give people the little finger, I just tell them it’s a feather, because they aren’t good enough for the bird. 🙂

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