Alternate Universes

I read another article on alternate universes this morning. Apparently, we all have twins in other dimensions who live different lives than we live here, and we can pop on over to see our twins if we concentrate really, really hard.  Scoff, if you must, but I have to admit that I like this idea. Talk about the ultimate vacation. There should be some kind of  transporter that takes us to these other universes.  Imagine us just hopping from plane to plane (as in planes of existence not 747s) and seeing what our other selves have accomplished or where we live or who the other people in our lives are in those dimensions.

I could be a rock star or a Nobel prize-winning mathematician. Okay, probably in no universe would either of those be true, since I can’t sing or add, and I can’t see that being different in any dimension, but maybe I could improve upon something I am not quite as hopeless at such as geography. Maybe in another dimension, I learned before the age of 35 that West Virginia is next door to Pennsylvania. I have to tell you, that one just shocked me.

The possibilities are endless.  My question is this: if our lives in other universes are better than this one, what did this me do to be here? Is it just a roll of the dice?  And is there a universe where that me in that universe would find my life in this universe spectacular?  Now, that would be interesting, and how would I prevent me from going to a universe where life was not so hot – you know a universe where Michele Bachmann was president and I was married to someone like Bill O’Reilly?

Maybe, the smart me in one of the other universes could invent a “Better Life” transporter that will only take me to a life I would want to see. Maybe one of me lives in Bali or is an archaeologist uncovering ruins in a peaceful Middle East or maybe I am a forest ranger in Yosemite or who knows?   Or maybe I might be satisfied with a more simple me who has straight hair, a rocking career and abs I could bounce a quarter on – and Brad Pitt… or George Clooney.  Yes, I could live in that dimension.  Be right back I have to concentrate really, really hard; I have a new universe to reach.

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6 thoughts on “Alternate Universes”

  1. My doppelganger would probably hate chocolate,love Michele Bachmann and watch old re-runs of Murder She Wrote . . .what a nightmare!

  2. My luck, I’d travel to an alternate universe to find President Ted only to find him mired in a Watergate like scandal. 🙁

  3. I wonder if my twin in another dimension is a Bon Jovi fan who understands how magnets work. If he is, he’s the polar opposite of this version of me. I’d say it would be really cool to know stuff but hey, that’s what reading is for. 🙂

  4. Wait a minute, didn’t Superman have an alternate Universe where everyone was opposite, the good were evil and the evil were good? The place was actually called Bizzaro.

    I think the scientist have been reading old issues again. It does make one wonder though, what a “twin” would be up to 🙂

    1. Peter, Iwant an evil twin. I think that would be cool to have. Maybe, I will go find her or worse, maybe she is coming here to find me because I am the evil twin. So, what’s the difference between alternate universes and alternate personalities? Scary.

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