Autopsy Not Performed on Osama bin Laden

Many are outraged that an autopsy was not performed on Osama bin Laden before he was ceremoniously dumped over the side of the USS Carl Vinson. Without the autopsy, they assert, we cannot say with certainty what killed bin Laden. But let’s be honest here folks, this was not exactly a job for Quincy, M.E.

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7 thoughts on “Autopsy Not Performed on Osama bin Laden”

  1. Maybe no one was “outraged”. Perhaps I was exaggerating for comedic effect. I did see “no autopsy will be performed on bin Laden” scroll across the bottom on CNN though.

  2. Outraged? People were actually outraged? Oh yes, I forgot, we live in America. The land of the free, and the home of the bleeding heart liberals.

      1. Donna, my real point is that too many people go overboard with common sense issues. If he was shot twice, then what is an autopsy going to tell us? That his death was caused by two gunshots? Being outraged over no autopsy being performed seems over the top to me.

  3. I loved Quincy even though Jack Klugman will always be Oscar Madison to me. I bet Quincy could have made that ID pretty quickly. He was awesome.

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