Call for a Smart Grid

Recent years have heard many talk about a smart grid spanning America which would make the country more efficient. Those voices are referring to the electric grid. The fact is that currently, for example, in order for solar power produced in the Arizona desert to be used in, say Ohio, electricity must travel over 2 miles of tin foil, 100 feet of steel wool, and 3 rusty coat hangers. This causes a massive voltage drop and interferes with many people’s TV reception.

I think they are on to something, but maybe not with the electricity. I see a far more pressing need for a “smart grid”. I think we need a grid for water. How often does it flood in the Northeast and along the northern Mississippi River at the same time that Arizona and Texas are in a drought and frequently on fire? An electric grid involves a commodity, electric power, which is desired by all parties to the grid. Water, on the other hand, is frequently wanted on one end and a scourge on the other end. In times like these seen in the past months, some areas of the country would gladly give up their water to avoid excessive house moisturization. And dry areas would gladly accept the excess water to color their desert scrub.

The best part is that this grid wouldn’t even need pumps since it’s all downhill.

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3 thoughts on “Call for a Smart Grid”

  1. It’s the entrepreneurial genius of people like you Richard that have made this country great. I do foresee many eminent domain complaints however with this.

  2. Maybe, tomorrow morning someone will offer you millions of dollars to make the grid! No humor in that except you ould really be laughing all the way to the bank.

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