Chanukah Schmanukah

Yes, my khev’reh, my friends,

it is certainly that time of year again.

The time of candles that are lit on 8 nights;

the time of crappy presents and lights.

It’s that time of year, my dear, my leeb,

for Chanukah Schmanukah to come and leave.

The kids want to be excited, they do

but they are not as lucky at Cindy Lou Who.

There’s no fancy boym, no fancy tree

or any kind of fat man to sit on

while he bounces his knee.

The only way to make it fun

is adding this bit of Yiddish


Crazy Kids Lighting Those Candles, Whooping it up! 😉

I sip my rum.


Adam Sandler’s song will make you laugh,

but that only lasts for a short path,

and Yiddish is not always our fun toy

(except when we call you gentile or goy),

so let’s get through these eight days of lights,

Chaunkah, Schmanukah in all of its latke


Have a happy whatever it is you celebrate

and don’t forget, we hope it is all in gezunterheyt!

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