Characteristics That Inspire

You expect people to generally value the same characteristics in a prospective candidate for office. Most people value things like leadership, determination, honesty, and the ability to take a really good picture of the bulge in your pants. But some characteristics inspire exactly opposing feelings from the public.

I expect a potential leader to have a realistic understanding of what it takes to solve problems and work toward that end. I am revulsed, in 2011, when I hear that Texas Governor Rick Perry’s response to crises is to simply pray for their solution. Surprisingly, this same thing mobilizes a segment of the public to support Perry at all costs. (This is the same group who is ignoring the fact that Perry thought their sweet 11-year old daughters were “whores-in-the-making” a few short years ago.)

Call me naive, but I expect that a politician should actually do real things, while others apparently believe that it’s a virtue to hope that problems fix themselves.

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