Clown For Hire

Name: Fuckles the Clown

Age: Old

Type: Not so freaking happy

Skills: Can pull anything out of her ass

Traits: Drunk

Props: Vodka bottle (filled with the real thing), instrument for her main trick (see skills)

Pay: Free, but alcoholic tips always accepted (as well as spliffs, blunts, joints…)

Philosophy: I am old, Jail is on my bucket list, I don’t care and Neither should you

You're Stupideither should you


Contact: Don’t call us, we’ll come to you. Fuckles drives around wealthy neighborhoods, and not so wealthy neighborhoods, well just any freaking neighborhood, looking for balloons on mailboxes or signs that say “Billy’s Birthday Party Here” and invites herself in. She’s that easy.

**Picture was her 40 years ago


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