Cowboys Cheerleader Tackled Off Twitter?


Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders amaze USAG-Humphreys community members © by USAG-Humphreys

Twitter has lost another account. According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, the  Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleader, who was accidentally tackled by the Cowboys’ Jason Witten on Thanksgiving Day, has been silenced.  The “offending cheerleader”, Melissa Kellerman sported some fun tweets and joked about her run in with the Dallas Tight End during the Cowboys’ game against the Miami Dolphins.  Apparently, the idea that she has a brain and a nicely developed sense of humor did not mesh well with the NFL or  Cowboys’ organization where the only things that need to be well developed on their cheerleaders are their breasts.

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One thought on “Cowboys Cheerleader Tackled Off Twitter?”

  1. Once again the NFL proves the letters stand for “No Fun League”.

    She should be allowed to have some fun, sideline collisions have seriously injured people, ask Sean Peyton. For her to hop up and handle it with such humor, who cares if she Tweets a little about it. 🙂

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