“Stop it! Don’t do this here!”


“One sec.”


“People are looking at the scene we’re making.”


“Then stop making it.”




“Let me just reply to this and then—”


“Then what! You check it a hundred times every hour.  For God’s sake, we’re in a restaurant!”


“But our food hasn’t arrived. Honey, it’ll just take a sec. Keep talking. I’m listening.”


“Tom, I married you, not your BlackBerry!”


“I love you too.”


“What? Tom, look at me when I’m talking to you.”


“I’m listening. Why do I have to look at you?”


“Excuse me!”


“No…I…that’s not what I meant. By the way, you look great tonight.”


“Have you even heard a word I have said?”


“Huh…oh yeah, of course, I have. I can walk and chew gum at the same time, you know.”


“Then what was I talking about?”


“You were saying how you lost control of your bladder at work.”


“I said my boss Mr. Rather lost it today!”






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