Crass Commercialism in Sports

Yes, our book came out over a year ago but I maintain it’s still pertinent.  That’s why I’m plugging it. Also to get sales.

Crass Commercialism In Sports

Welsh superstar rugby player, Gareth Thomas, came out as gay. What’s the big deal, you ask… and we know you didn’t mean that in any kind of sexual way. Here’s the big deal: Thomas made his announcement on exactly the same day our new book Sports Fans are Crazy came out. In other words, he came out when our book came out.

Okay, you’re saying, again what’s the big deal? The big deal is the first chapter of our book – Sports Fans are Crazy – deals with a 2005 event in which Wales beat England in Rugby, which, by the way, almost never happens and Thomas was a player in that event. Also our cover, shown below, deals with that story. In a nutshell, Gareth’s announcement and our book release coinciding must mean our book – Sports Fans are Crazy — is destined for success.

Here’s another crazy coincidence: The movie, Avatar, comes out on the same day our book is published. It’s a huge movie with a huge budget, not at all like our book. So what’s the connection, you ask? The director of Avatar, James Cameron, also directed a movie about aliens called Aliens and, get this, the back cover of our book depicts an ALIEN! Yeah, I know.

Not enough coincidences for you to realize our book – Sports Fans are Crazy — is bound for greatness? Well listen to this, you doubter, you. We have a football story in our book about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys and our book – Sports Fans are Crazy – comes out one day before the Cowboys play their best game of the year, beating the previously undefeated New Orleans Saints. Yeah, I know.
Still not convinced? The movie – Invictus – in its second week of theatrical release is, arguably, the greatest rugby movie ever made. In that movie, the climatic game matches South Africa against New Zealand’s All Blacks team. Earlier in the movie there is a match between South Africa and Australia. In our book – Sports Fans are Crazy – we do a rugby story about a match between New Zealand and Australia! Weird, isn’t it. Yeah, I know.

These are too many cosmic coincidences not to mean something. It does. It means sports fans are crazy, just like the title of our book. Think about it. What has been the biggest story for the past month? Tiger Woods and his infidelities. Fans of all stripes, especially sports fans, have been frothing, like folks… who are crazy. When you consider the passion,  the verve and the energy it takes to be a sports fan, it’s little wonder some of then go off the deep end. When you combine this important collection of stories with this unusually large amount of strange coincidences you have to believe it may be necessary for every sports fan in America to purchase our book.

That’s where you come in. Zyk and I would like your ideas on promoting this book. We want to get the word out but don’t yet have a marketing plan. We’re thinking about not hiring Tiger Woods PR team. That much we’ve decided. We’re thinking also about not hiring the genius who persuaded Brut to be the sponsor of the Sun Bowl. It may just be me but when I’m thinking sun I feel cooler if I don’t precede it with the word, brute. We realize Brut is an aftershave but… that’s just another item to sting your face. So anyway, if you have any ideas on selling our collection of stories of sports fans acting really weird, we’d like to hear them. If you know of a radio show to talk about our book, things of that nature, we’ll listen.

In the meantime, did I ever tell you…? Oh, I did? It’s called Sports Fans are Crazy.

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