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Dinner Salad

June 27, 2011

[This is a R+ rated post as it addresses a very sensitive topic]

Another installment of boyfriend/girlfriend conversations occurring at chez JB. Oui oui. This back-and-forth occurred as we were preparing a large salad for dinner.

JB: “Can I lick your butt hole?”

GF: “Umm… why are you asking? You know that doesn’t interest me and the idea of kissing you afterwards, even if you have brushed your teeth and used mouthwash, is a little unnerving to me. Dare I say… icky.”

JB: “But you blow me the day after ass sex. Typically, I’ve washed twice between the two events.”

<the girlfriend pauses chopping jicama and looks up at me>

JB: “I’m never getting head again, am I?”


Joseph Boxer

JB is the author of Memoirs of a Serial Bachelor. He is a fan of all things manly -- his girlfriend, beer, autos, and sports. He also dabbles in some pseudo-masculine endeavors, including men’s fashion and the resuscitation of chivalry. He recently canned his agent for being an unmotivated boat anchor and is currently looking for new management.

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