Do you Drink Your Tea This Cold?

Rick Santorum © by Gage Skidmore

Once again Republican loyalists have proven their convictions that human beings — unless they are white, male and “Christian”– have no place on this earth. In  the last debate, the Tea Party groupies advocated killing a  man because he had no health insurance and this time around they booed a soldier because he was gay.  You know, I read  there is an orphanage in Kansas and a nursing home in Pennsylvania  that need to be eliminated because, let’s face it, children and the elderly are just drains on our society.  If the GOP faithful is really lucky, there might also be a litter of puppies and some prisoners who might or might not be guilty who need to be gassed too.  Don’t worry about the backlash,  GOP nominees, because we all know everything you and your loyalists  do is in the name of God.  Yep,  I bet he is really proud of all of you.  Oh, by the way,  where did you get those pro-life stickers for your cars?

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