Don’t drink and derive

I have a phobia of Nuns dressed as Paris Hilton, playing Bon Jovi songs on a rotating stage that never rotates. I used to have dreams of Paris Hilton dressed as a Nun but that’s a totally different fish kettle. My nephews and I had a philosophical debate and concluded that the only man who could take Chuck Norris is Simon Cowell.  We then sat down to discuss one of the great mysteries of the world – Maths. It doesn’t seem to matter how things are explained, I just can’t seem to understand it. They thought I could be taught through humour but I haven’t got a clue what they mean:



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2 thoughts on “Don’t drink and derive”

  1. I wish I had these wise words back in high school. I cannot imagine how my grades would have “changed” had I told Sister Aquin, “Hey, I make sure I don’t drink and derive!”

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