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Please, for the love of your God, tell me why people change their Facebook profile pictures so often? Everyday, 10% of my “friends” change their profile pictures… some of those people change the photo four or more times each week. Fifteen year old girls don’t change their outfits that often during their morning school preparation. Also, why do I need to be reminded of this in my News Feed? Bill Smith and 13 other friends changed their profile pictures. This is not news and I certainly don’t need to know about it.

That’s not even the worst of it… currently, my friends are made up of the following (going off of their profile pictures):

One is a fishing reel
Two are now dogs
One is a cat
Four people have turned into cars […maybe these people are Transformers?]
One is a body of water
Four of them are babies [The last time I met these individuals, each of them were much larger and had jobs. Is there a new anti-aging product on the market?]
One is a bottle of beer
Two of them are the Stanley Cup [How they both became the same thing, I don’t know. I don’t think I want to know.]
One is a wall outlet
One is an unrecognizable black man [The last time I saw him, he was definitely caucasian]
One is now Spiderman [That’s just cool.]

If you’re going to change your profile picture to something that isn’t you… can you at least change it to something that interests me? I like boobies.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Profile Pictures”

  1. Well, sometimes you take a long look at your Facebook picture (the one that everybody says looks just like you) and think, “Ugh! A wall outlet would look better than that!” You find a picture of a wall outlet, post it and say to yourself, “That’s better!”

    1. That’s quite plausible knowing that particular friend. I stick to a picture of myself and a midget for my personal Facebook page, while using the panda logo for my Facebook fan page.

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