Getting Canned at Thanksgiving

‘Tis the season for holiday stress and I think it all starts at the supermarket. Product placement suggests that a great Thanksgiving really is in the can.  Aisles are capped with the essentials and the message is loud and clear. This is a “Can Do” Holiday because if you’ve got the cans, you can do it. It’s a mixed bag and a heavy one!

Canned goods that rarely come together in real life, merge for this joyous feast. Green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and yes, that holiday staple–french fried onion strings, join forces. We can live without them 11 months a year, but come November, onion strings shove creamed corn off the shelves to become Thanksgiving’s most overrated canned good.

I’ve got nothing against canned products per se, it’s just that after I’ve lugged my 50 pound bags full of pumpkin puree, sweetened condensed milk, and jellied cranberries, my back is screaming for mercy. Ironically, recycling Thanksgiving cans could net me about $25, which is the price of my co-pay for physical therapy.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Canned at Thanksgiving”

  1. okay, I am going to admit two things: First, I love green bean casserole on thanksgiving and second, know right now that I love fruit cake at Christmas! LOL This was a great post, Nancy!

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