Give in already!

This year, we have decided to give in. That’s it. We are done. Stick a fork in us, we are ready to eat. And for God’s sake, don’t judge us, because you know what,  you’ve done it too. And you know why? Because you have to.

My husband and I decided we are sick of hearing, “We are not getting you that because your friend(s) have it!”  Hey, we’ve said it – many, many, many, many monotonous times! But sometimes, damn it, you have to give in. It really is okay to get your kids a toy, a gift, a game, a whatever they asked for because their friends have it. It really is!

Now Mike, my husband, says I am bitter. My parents, who certainly had the mula to buy us whatever we asked for, never gave in. Not once. We got gifts. We were not denied. However, they were never what we wanted or asked for. They were what they wanted us to have. I personally don’t want to do that to my kids. Yes, I want to torture them a little, a joke about stinky feet here,  a scary night-light story there, but gosh darn it, I am going to give in to them, and the masses, and get them what they freaking asked for this year!

What’s the catch you say? Well, I expect them to leave the house when they are 18, bags packed, bank accounts their own and to never come back. I expect them to put me up when I am too old to do anything. I expect them to – well hell, I am kidding. I am not expecting anything but for them to be ridiculously, freaking happy! After all, it is the holiday season! I can’t end this story with a sarcastic flare. Damn it!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah (or Merrappy Chrisanukah) and Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope you get what you really wanted!!! 😉

Give In


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6 thoughts on “Give in already!”

  1. I say spoil the heck out of them now then present them with the credit card bills before they leave the nest! 😉

  2. Just make sure their friends aren’t the Bank of America CEO’s children. You may have to mortgage the home then. Hopefully not with BofA though. That would be awkward 🙂

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