How-To versus DIY Websites

Is How-To and DIY Information Synonymous?
Is How-To and DIY Information Synonymous?

Have you noticed that the internet has become inundated with “How-To and DIY” websites? They can tell you how to do the simplest of things like, “How to Drink Water, How to Blow Your Nose and my personal favorite, “How to Write a How to Article.”

Granted there are times when I may need the help and assistance of a How-To website if I require serious information on how to replace leaky heater faucet or DIY open heart surgery. To clarify I’ve listed a few examples that may be considered dual category questions.

Change a Poopy Diaper: This is a definite need to know skill and even more so how to do it as quickly as possible! I’m sure you can find the extended version of this question, “How to Change a Poopy Diaper without Gagging” on How-To websites. However, I’ve watched kids snatch off their own poopy diaper and put another one on quicker than I ever could. Or are these my elderly Bingo buddies?

Extract Breast Milk: For my husband it was a How-To and a DIY prelude to sex!

Masturbation: This could also be a cross over dual category article because it’s an autoerotic onanism activity, i.e. “How to Do it to Yourself.”

Cleaning Jock Straps: Hands down a How-To and DIY especially for the losing team at the Super Bowl.

Wipe yourself after a Bowel Movement: Most definitely a DIY but for some may be a How-To. I also categorize this as a massive TMI on a strictly need to know basis.

I’m sure websites like eHow and DIY Network are good informative sources both of which I’ve used when I need quick and semi-reliable answers to the less obvious How-To and DIY questions. However, if you need seriously answers to extremely obvious and everyday question there’s no need to search How-To websites. Just write me and I’ll be happy to share my vast knowledge of inconsequential information with you free of charge! 


Book cover: How to Fix Damn Near Everything by Franklynn Peterson one of the best How-To books ever!

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4 thoughts on “How-To versus DIY Websites”

  1. A smart man figures out an easier way, a genius figures out how not to do it at all. So get someone else to do it all for you! …and yes, “that one” also. ha-ha!

  2. “Extract Breast Milk: For my husband it was a How-To and a DIY prelude to sex!”

    Saving money on the breast pump eh? Oral siphoning – why didn’t I think of that Oh yeah. The wife wanted nothing to do with me for about 6 months after each birth.

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