HumorOutcasts Is Now Advertising

This week HumorOutcasts took the next step in our growth plan, we started advertising the site with banner ads via the Google Adwords partner network. We started with the ad below which has already been shown to over 40,000 viewers and has already brought many new readers to the site.

Starting tomorrow we will be adding two new ads which personalize our site and stress our gender, geographical and humor diversity.

We will continue to keep the HumorOutcasts community appraised of things we are doing to promote the site; the more we grow the better for all. We will keep developing and running ads to build the our brand. So if you want to be included in future ads, post an actual picture to your Bio–preferably a close head shot, keep writing quality material, and let us know you would like to be on a future banner ad.

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15 thoughts on “HumorOutcasts Is Now Advertising”

  1. Speaking of ads…while I like Kohl’s and I like getting a discount, I can’t read articles on this site any more because of the KOHL’s ad that covers the start of each article and I can find no way to remove/close it!

  2. I tried to take a photo, but wound up sending pictures of my junk to every woman listed on my cell phone, or so I hope. I’d be so embarrassed it I sent that stuff to a guy. Ewww. Oh well, I’ll try again later. 🙂

    1. How weird, I just got a text back from one of the women. It’s a picture of a magnifying glass. I wonder what that’s about??? Eh…

      1. Man, am I embarrassed. I did send a text to a guy. It was Anthony Weiner! You’ll never guess what he texted back. I think I get the gist of the magnifying glass now, oh well. I’m texting him back a picture of a scanning electron microscope.

  3. I finally have my photo on something other than the post office wall. Thanks Betsy!

    1. Oh, that was YOU!!!! I thought so Deb! You always have to try so hard but you couldn’t get past 8 on the 10 most wanted list? I thought for sure you would get to #4 at least!

    1. i thought you didn;t have a reflection? so can a camera take a pic of you? wait, that is for vampires…i think fire and red, spikey ears will show up

  4. Yes, please include a head shot of me on top of Angelina Jolie’s body. Oh, and Photoshop her lips onto mine too, OK? Seriously though (are we allowed to be serious?) I’m so glad this site is proliferating. I hope that once things settle down in my personal life I can contribute more frequently.

    1. Sure, why not Theresa. Donna already asked if she could have Jennifer Aniston’s body.

  5. I want only my articles on ads that promise good looks, social success, wealth and sex appeal. I hear you can fool some of the people some of the time.

    1. Well, L.B. you got it! I will put your requirements in my book. 🙂

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