HumorOutcasts is Three Months Old and Growing Up Fast

On April 6th one of our founders, Donna Cavanagh, posted the first “test” post, My New Life as a Lawn Mower Racing Champion. We should have known when that post was quickly found by the president of the Lawn Mower Racing Association that HumorOutcasts had some good things going.

In our three months, our writers have published 533 articles, just over five per day. This keeps the site fresh and alive and keeps visitors coming back for more. We continue to add more writers which will only enhance the site’s reputation. Our writers come from throughout the US and now Great Britain as well.

When we wrote about our two- month status report, we were happy with our “” ranking which stood around 6 million. We commented on how this wasn’t a bad three- month rank for a site that was only in existence for two months. Well, today on our three-month birthday our Alexa rank is 531,283 worldwide, it is ranked 37,182 in the US.

We are thrilled with that progress, and while we work hard at promoting the site, without the quality contributions from the writers, no amount of promotion could make the site grow so steadily. As we grow, this should help our writers achieve their goals, whether those goals are to promote a comedy career, a book or to have a platform where their words are read and appreciated.

As the site gains in popularity on the web, it gains in ranking with the search engines. Our three-month birthday will mark the first day in our history that more than 100 visitors came via search engine hits. Search engines can bring people once, and quality will make them come back.

In our two-month report we talked about how during those two months readers in 54 countries and 49 of the 50 states had visited us. We are up to 80 countries now and have long since been visited by all 50 states.

While two months ago we looked at how we did over our entire history, these last couple of days it has been fun to see how we have done on a daily basis. Yesterday alone we had visitors from 18 countries and 42 states, so far today we have had visitors from 20 countries and 38 states.

Thanks again to all of our writers and readers; it has been a fun ride so far, and we can’t wait to see what the next months bring.


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5 thoughts on “HumorOutcasts is Three Months Old and Growing Up Fast”

  1. This is really good news! I also congratulate Donna and friends for making this a great site to write on and to read. What will SIX months bring?!

  2. This is great! Thanks to those who started this site and are keeping it going. You are doing all of us a wonderful service.

  3. Wow, does this mean I’ll be getting my Rolls-Royce soon? 🙂 Impressive job!

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