I have a HO, dontcha know
I love my HO fo sho
My HO gives me some pleasure, Yo!
It’s funny – give it a go!

Sorry, Folks, there ain’t no mo.
There really ain’t no mo!
Humor Outcasts is my HO
So tickle yo funny bo’!

(From your sophisticated HO writer {clarification: “sophisticated HO” is not an oxymoron}.)

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10 thoughts on “I LOVE MY HO”

  1. I will have to tell my husband Mike to read this one. Great fun and ‘HO’ is definitely going to take off!

    1. Yeah, you might as well admit you’ve got a HO that you love. She should know her competition 😉

  2. Thanks, everybody. This is a comedy site, after all, so I think HO is appropriate. After all, it provides pleasure and we don’t have to pay for it 😉

  3. Theresa, Richard Spall first started calling it HO and I could not believe that I didn’t think about the initials when I named the site. I am a dolt. But I think it was meant to be. I am thrilled you like HO and our goal is to make everyone love it. LOL Great poem and so glad to see you back! 🙂

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