Steve Jobs recently wandered out of his cave and announced “iCloud”. Which I suppose is probably just like all of the other “cloud” services that everyone else is offering, but probably with worse performance and higher cost. But it will have that cute little “i” in front of it! So I assume (without actually doing any research) that the idea is that you can store all of your digital information – including your videos, documents, and pictures of your genitals on the Apple servers instead of your own equipment. This will allow you the convenience to access them from anywhere and the safety of keeping your information in case of a disaster of some kind relating to your house. Businesses have a right to be scared of how secure their data will be when using one of these services. However, I’m sure cloud security solutions will be created to put the user’s minds at ease. This will help to make businesses start to see the benefits of cloud technology as they no longer have to worry about the security of their data. You can find an example of one of these services right here on The Final Step.

So if everyone does this, the Apple servers will have access to pretty much every piece of information on the planet (as well as a lot of absolute crap, to be sure). But isn’t this how SkyNet started?

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    1. But imagine what an all-knowing self-aware super-intelligent computer could do with all of that porn!! Yeah, you’re right. Would probably be too busy to dominate the world and destroy all humans…

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