Recently, someone wondered whether things would be different if Tim Tebow was Muslim.

My thoughts:

* Scoring a FG against the Broncos would be considered “mission accomplished”

* Fox News would refer to Bronco weight room as a mosque AKA “terrorist training facility”

* He would film a Super Bowl ad with his mom discussing the benefits of genital mutilation

* If he threw a game-ending interception, his sister would be raped at midfield to restore his honor

* The football could no longer be referred to as a “pigskin”

* Crossbar henceforth to be called “Akbar”

* He would receive 7 figure sandal deal

* He would still have no legitimate reason to be near those Filipino kids’ penises with a knife

* He would still have some “foreskin in the game”…

* Broncos fans would have to explain why they hate America

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