It’s SlutWalk Weather — Bring It On!

Are these young ladies inviting you to have forced sex with them?

The key word is “forced”. A lot of men might think they are.  A police officer up in  Toronto suggested that such attire is an invitation for rape.  According to a BBC News item last week “Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti had been giving a talk on health and safety to a group of students at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto when he made the now infamous remarks. You know, I think we’re beating around the bush here,” he reportedly told them. I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this – however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised.’”

Hence a new expression was added to our vocabulary and perhaps even a new day to celebrate it’s expression – SlutWalk.  To protest the insinuation that women are responsible for the sexual crimes committed against them by men, nearly 3000 “slutty looking” women took to the streets in Toronto last month.  America’s first SlutWalk was held in Boston on May 7th.  20 year-old Slobhan Connors organized the Boston rally claiming it was an event to bring awareness to the shame and degradation women still face for expressing their sexuality… essentially for behaving in a healthy and sexual way.”

I think unless American or Canadian men want to be viewed as fundamentalist Muslims regarding how women should dress we should rise to this occasion and join these women, but in a plutonic sense only.  All other risings should be as concealed as a Taliban woman with abundant amounts of loose clothing.

I would in no way presume that the evocative poses and undulating body parts of thinly clad nubile woman is any sort of an invitation to force myself on her.  It is simply nothing more than the natural actions that activate male arousal toward women that has been used for centuries to allow men to fantasize about sexual domains they would otherwise never experience.

It should be made clear however to women expressing their sexuality… in  a healthy and sexual way.” that most men’s brains are well positioned at the head of their penis, especially young virile men.  The brain waves take complete control and tend to over ride rational thought so having a can of mace or some sort of shock device handy is required to bring out-of-control men back to a christian sense of virtue

Hey, if it can happen to King David and Jimmy Swaggart, who are we mere commoners who are not seen as favorably in the eyes of the Almighty.


By the way, any man suddenly feeling the urge to take a Restless Leg Syndrome therapy session should feel free to do so before it’s too late.

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8 thoughts on “It’s SlutWalk Weather — Bring It On!”

  1. Well, L.B., it seems you have found your niche! Please post the calendar for SlutWalks around the world! I’m sure there will be many wanting to study whether this type of dress is sexually arousing or not! Maybe Victoria Secret could sponsor these.

  2. I had a friend who wore her red high heels when she wanted to have sex with her husband. Times have certainly changed with the attire in these pictures!

  3. I saw the story about his comments and the subsequent reaction by the women in response to it. I think they took his words out of context and didn’t get the message he was trying to convey.

    Remember, he was giving a talk on safety. He wasn’t suggesting that the way they dress gives men the right to victimize them. Nor was he saying that women can’t dress any way they want. The simple point he was trying to get across is that, just as you said yourself, some men “think” with the wrong head. If some men have the tendency to cross the line of morality and legality, then why give them the incentive to take those steps. He was trying to tell them that the way they dress can invite problems.

    Sure, you have the right to dress like a slut, but is it wise?
    Again, he was offering tips on safety.

    Even though you have the right to sit in your yard covered in honey, and you are allergic to bee stings, would you still sit in your yard covered in honey?

  4. I disagree with all of this. What a woman wears can definitely indicate that she wants sex. In fact, just the other day I ran into a woman with a shirt that said “I totally want to have sex”.

    1. I had one woman who was in my bedroom naked, said she wanted sex but I didn’t believe her. Somehow I sensed it was a trap, wives are crafty like that.

  5. how you dress should not be an invitation for anything, however, it is hard for many of us to look at someone in a thong coming out of her too tight jeans and wonder if she has ever read Tolstoy

  6. It amazes me that a woman’s dress decides if she should have sex or not in some people’s eyes. I would say Men’s eyes, but women are equally as judgmental when it comes to women’s attire. It is such an antiquated idea that a woman’s wardrobe should tell a man if she is willing to go to bed.

    1. It gives the the expression “dressing for the occasion” it’s intended meaning. 😉

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