Kansas Gives Domestic Abuse a Pass

Outraged by the cost to prosecute domestic abuse cases, the City Council of Topeka, Kansas and its mayor came up with a creative idea: They repealed the city’s domestic abuse law Tuesday night. Apparently, beating up one’s spouse is one of those “costly nuisance” problems the police might have to investigate.  Should we be surprised that this has occurred in a state that claims to be one of the most “Christian” in the nation?  I guess you can still be saved if you beat up your wife as long as you don’t believe in evolution.


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3 thoughts on “Kansas Gives Domestic Abuse a Pass”

  1. The term, “Rule of Thumb” was used to determine the thickness of the stick he could beat his wife with. It couldn’t be any wider than his thumb. Maybe that’s why Dorothy wanted to get the hell out of Kansas,lol!

  2. They should now pass a law making it legal to shoot and kill a spouse who abuses you.

    That way, the courts don’t have to be involved at all.

    1. okay, that might be a winner of a law. I dare you to suggest it Bill. Let me know how it goes. HA HA

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