Kosher Love Toys

I won’t lie. I like porno.

For me, it’s a whole ordeal. I actually get excited about seeing it, in much the same way that two long-distance lovers might get excited about seeing each other, after some time apart.

I mean, I wouldn’t say that I go to the effort of ironing my clothes, or by a new cologne. Or even that I book a table at a fancy restaurant in order to set the tone. But, none the less, the porno from arousing sites like TubeV free porn is quite special to me, and my heart flutters at the thought of seeing it again.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that some people AVOID looking at porno from websites similar to Personally, I try to avoid looking at anything BUT, when I’m using the computer.

One person who DOESN’T want to see it is a 25 year old man from Lakewood, New Jersey. He’s only identifying himself by his middle name, Gavriel. And he’s an Orthodox Jew.

He just simply doesn’t want to see any pornographic or sexually explicit images from websites similar to hd porn t. Fair enough. But, that poses something of a problem for him and his wife when they try to buy SEX TOYS online.

Now, while using marital aids is all good with our main man, God….porno definitely ain’t.

Gavriel says, “There’s nothing wrong with using a vibrator. It’s just a pain in the neck for an Orthodox Jew to find one. Even going to Amazon…there are pictures we have no interest in seeing”.

So he’s started a new online store. It’s called At his site you can buy love toys, “without involving crude or indecent pictures or text”.

The toys will also be shipped to you without any explicit packaging or accompanying materials.

Even though Orthodox Jews can use sex toys, it’s still not exactly proper conversation for the synagogue….so Gavriel is only using his middle name because he’s afraid that running the site would hurt his reputation in the community.

Oh. One final thing: He says that, so far, his best-selling item has been FURRY HANDCUFFS.


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One thought on “Kosher Love Toys”

  1. Neal, I never knew the “you can’t look but you can use philosophy” rule in sex toys. Either you have amazing insight into this cultural rule or you are the one behind the website.:)

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