Massive, Heaving, Pendulous Breasts?

You and I have something in common.

You and I know when it’s time to go to sleep.

But here’s where we’re alone.


So, if your MASSIVE, HEAVING PENDULOUS BREASTS cause you problems at night (so much that you sometimes, uncomfortably, but entirely necessarily, wear a bra to bed) there’s a new product out you might be interested in.

It’s called the “Uplifting Nightie”. It’s a nightgown, with a built-in bra to offer more comfortable support.

Here they are;


Oh look Maude! It's some of those Massive, Heaving, Pendulous Breasts that Mr Mayhem was talking about! Gosh!


They’re not giving the damn things away though. They retail for just under a hundred bucks.

But then, aren’t your MASSIVE, HEAVING, PENDULOUS BREASTS worth it?

Perhaps you’d like a second opinion?

In the meantime, go check them out, here –


Neal Mayhem



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