Mind Blowing Sex, CAN Be Just That…

At least when I was a chronic masturbator, the worst I suffered, was thrush. FML


I’d NEVER heard of this until today, but apparently, in super rare occasions, mind-blowing sex can LITERALLY turn into…well…just that. Mind-blowing sex.

This is according to a new study in the “Journal of Emergency Medicine”. Yes, there’s such a thing as SEX-TRIGGERED AMNESIA…in a nut-shell, that’s where really good sex can make you actually LOSE YOUR MEMORY.


And let’s face it, it’s BAD to lose your memory right after sex. You need to remember where you parked so you can get the hell out of there when her husband comes home!!!(??)!!!

This ‘temporary memory loss’  is called transient global amnesia, and usually only lasts for up to a couple of hours. Only about three to five people out of 100,000 experience it.

Now, with a slightly alarming study like this, which will probably cause you to not wish to indulge in a dose of horizontal happy slapping this week, due to the fact that you have an important oral exam coming up this weekend (BOOM!! See what I did there?) and you really REALLY need to be focuss….ah hell…..who cares WHAT’S on your agenda…you could be getting ready to do the IRONING and this would STILL be bad news! Anyway, I digress…my point was going to be, with a worrying new finding like this, you’d want the people investigating it to be unbelievably smart and smug scholars at Oxford or even MIT, right? No.  The team behind the study is at the Institute for Neurological Research in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Bloody Aires! Can you believe this??

And, they’re not exactly sure why good sex would cause people to have temporary amnesia.

Their best guess is that sex releases pressure in the abdomen, which might hinder the blood flow to the brain and cause the amnesia to trigger in someone who’s susceptible to it. I mean, they may as well have just stuck random key words in to Google, and then transcribed whatever the hell the “Did you mean…?” response was. Shocking.

The good news? Yes, there IS some.

If this ever happens to you, it’s completely benign…your memory will come back, it doesn’t mean you’re having a stroke, and it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy at all. It’ll just FREAK YOU OUT for a while.

Now, where did I put that empty bottle that I jazzed into? My mother’s coming round for a drink, and she’s developed a recent taste for cloudy lemonade, and I don’t want us to have a nasty accident.


If this story didn’t disgust you enough, please make your way to http://minutesofmayhem.com, which almost certainly WILL.

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