My Last Hurrah: Pot Brownies

I read in the news today that three senior citizens had to be taken to the hospital after attending the funeral of their good friend. I thought to myself, wow, they were so overcome with emotion that they had to be hospitalized. How sad and beautiful and momentous. Then I read on.

Apparently, the brownies consumed by these three senior citizens during ceremony contained marijuana or even cbd oil possibly from cbd illinois. They were “ganja goodies” as the story explained.

1) Why the hell are people eating DURING the funeral service? Isn’t there usually a time for that AFTER the person has been buried?

2) The brownies were laden with marijuana as a tribute to the deceased because he used medical marijuana, which as we can see, must have killed him! Yikes!

3) Who put the stuff in the brownies? I mean really, these people were like 70 and 80 years old. Not that I am complaining, in fact, I think it’s pretty great.

4) Next time, just put a sign, “Ganja Goodies” next to the tray of brownies that are available next to the casket at the service of the deceased. It would make so much more sense then.

5) I am truly sorry they got sick. If they’d just sat down and enjoyed the ride, man, the police would not have been called in and the day would have gone so much better.


Pot Brownies at Funeral Cause Seniors to be Hospitalized

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