My Review of the Wonderbra

My girlfriend Ginger came home the other day wearing the newest Wonderbra.    As Ginger stepped in the door she said, “What do you think of these Mayor?”

I said, “Thank God my prayers have been answered!”

She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and asked “What the Hell does religion have to do with anything?”

“I just figured only God could make mountains out of  those Molehills.

“Why do you suppose God is answering your prayers and not mine?” she asked sarcastically. “I’ve been praying for a salami for years, but all I ever get is a Vienna Sausage hyped up on Viagra!”

I answered, “FYI Miss Smart Ass, God has blessed me in that area, but it’s not his fault that the damned Government taxed me 95%.”

Later that evening as I examined this new Wonderbra a little more closely I found that it lacked easy access.   I wondered why they couldn’t put a buttoned emergency exit in this thing like I have in my long johns?  I formed my final opinion on this Wonderbra when I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

As I entered the bathroom in the dark, I found my feet entangled in this damned Wonderbra which some inconsiderate person must have thrown on the floor. I started to slip and as I tried to break my fall, my right arm went right into the toilet, splashing the water all over me. Trust me;the last thing I wanted to feel at 2 AM was toilet water in my face.  I let out a yell that must have woken half of the trailer park

“ GIIIIIINGER!!! Are you sure this is a Wonderbra?  It seems more like some kind of a damn boobie trap to me!”

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