Ode to the Texas Sonogram Law

“Get off my back”, the founders meant,
Dispose of unfair government!

You dare and ask me for ID,
My skin is white, oh can’t you see?

And though my judgment proves erratic,
Don’t try to take my automatic.

I’ll strap this iron on to my hip,
Don’t count the bullets in my clip.

These bulbs? You give me spirally ones,
I like the bulbs that cost me tons!

Recycling oil gives me no gain,
I’ll dump it down a sewer drain.

Don’t grope me through my shirt of flannel,
Don’t line me up for your death panel.

Don’t try to make me pay for schoolery,
Teaching evolution foolery.

A fire department we should not require,
The solution is “just don’t catch fire”.

I will not change my thermostats,
Won’t conserve or protect habitats.

Viagra for all, everyone can agree,
It’s just between my doc and me.

Out of his office it is hereby resolved,
Unless there is a womb involved!

This is America, it is not China ,
Now put this wand up your vagina.

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3 thoughts on “Ode to the Texas Sonogram Law”

  1. Ho DO you manage to hit all the critical issues in such short verse. I like it.

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