Oooh, That’s Gotta Hurt!

Oooh That's Gotta Hurt!
Oooh That's Gotta Hurt!

A recent news article from Westminster, California reported that Catherine Kieu-Becker could get life in prison for penis chopping. On Monday night, police say Kieu spiked a meal and served it to her estranged husband. The 60-year-old man started to feel sick and went to lie down, then awoke tied to the bed as Kieu attacked and cutting off his penis with a 10-inch kitchen knife, police said. She then put the penis down a garbage disposal, police said.  The victim declined to comment when he was reached by phone Tuesday by the Register.  Stating, “This is a ‘private’ matter.”

Okay, seriously this is a tragic story and the fact that the victim called it a private matter doesn’t help, however, can you imagine if the garbage disposal had backed up?

“Plumber: Well ma’am you’ve got a penis stuck in your garbage disposal.  The good news is it’s less than six-inches stuck in the pipe.”

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6 thoughts on “Oooh, That’s Gotta Hurt!”

    1. You’re right LB, I think it falls under ROMMP, Removal of Mangled Man Parts, eww, ouch!

  1. This was a tragic story and I feel badly for the guy, but has anyone not thought about the fact that a woman named Becker cut off a guy’s pecker? That poetry just writes itself. Great one Deb!

    1. Remember John Wayne Bobbitt, and all the jokes that went around about how appropriate HIS name was?

      I agree that this is a tragic story. I can’t help wondering what the poor guy did that made the woman want to do that to him.

    2. HA HA HA HA! Becker and Pecker! That’s just begging for a song parody!

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