The Official Friday Dance of Joy

It’s time once again for my Friday Dance of Joy. I post my Dance of Joy announcement on Facebook and Twitter each week, and I know that some people think these are merely words on my part, but guess what, they are not.  Something about Friday is magical. It’s not that I don’t have work to do, or errands to run or that anything is different from my Monday through Thursday, but on Friday I feel as if I can breathe or at least I allow myself to breathe. I know many of you have the same reaction to Friday, if you didn’t think Fridays were special, there wouldn’t be the old adage “TGIF” or even TGIF restaurants, so I invite you to make your Friday special and join me in doing the the Friday Dance of Joy.

The official dance is simple. Everyone can do it – even married white guys.  I would post a video of me doing the actual dance, but I fear that down the road when my daughter is trying to either have me committed or put away in a nursing home, she would use the video as evidence, so it’s best to keep my dancing prowess a mystery . Okay, below are the official steps to the dance.  Remember, it’s okay to improvise and add your own creative spin. Strut your stuff; add some costumes; pole dance it; whatever makes you smile.  Here we go:

Step 1: Put your left foot in

Step 2: Put your left foot out

Step 3: Put your left foot in and shake it all about

Steps 4-6: Do the same with your right foot.

Now, I know you are thinking that this is nothing more than the Hokey Pokey, and while the Dance of Joy is based on that classical routine, it does veer off in the middle.  Ready?

Step 7: Swing your arms up and down and scream to all the town “It’s Friday! It’s Friday the weekend is here! It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Let’s all Scream and Cheer!”  The verbal aspects of the dance are critical. If you don’t scream the words, it’s just another stupid dance. The words give the whole routine validity.

Step 8: This is where your own individual creativity comes in.  I have known some people who chug a beer at the end; others stuff their mouths with chocolate. Personally, I end in a cartwheel and split. I feel that these acrobatic moves give the dance that extra celebratory zing.  One caveat: if you do choose the beer or chocolate, do not do the cartwheels. Trust me; projectile vomiting sort of puts a damper on the whole dance.

Well, these are the basics to the Friday Dance of Joy.  Go out and enjoy the weekend!  Live, laugh and love and remember, while the Dance of Joy is known as the Friday Dance of Joy, there is no reason why it cannot be adjusted for other days of the week.  If you live your life right, the Wednesday Hump Day Dance can be oh, so exciting especially if you get a partner!

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5 thoughts on “The Official Friday Dance of Joy”

  1. Wow I do something very similar on Wednesday which is actually my Friday. It’s my clapping and yelling dance. I scream “CLAPPING AND YELLING AND YELLING AND CLAPPING” while I’m clapping and yelling. They usually send me home early. 🙁

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