Well, here it is.  I must have nodded off for a bit, but I guess I’m assigned to eternal damnation  since Jesus must have come down and taken all of the truly righteous.  Weird thing is that I don’t know of anybody who’s missing. I called around. I guess no one was truly righteous. Though it looks like somebody must have left the damn gate open, because now my dogs are off to God-knows-where.

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8 thoughts on “Post-Rapture”

  1. All us ‘righteous people’ on HO have another chance at the new date of the Rapture on Oct 21!

  2. I blogged about this very issue. I was so surprised when I woke up – alive – this morning. Or maybe we’re all dead and we just haven’t figured it out yet…

  3. The end of the world could come in the form of a major impact to the earth or any number of threats from deep space. Eventually, a very long time from now, when the Sun starts to run out of fuel the process will be very destructive to the inner planets. Ironically, most fundamentalists question the processes that created and govern the solar system and the universe. It is these very forces that will truly bring an apocalypse sooner or later.

  4. I’m still hold out. My wife asked me to take out the garbage and I told her I’d get to it after 6pm. Come on Rapture!!! 😉

  5. Well, we have until 6:00 (all time zones), so if 6:00 hasn’t arrived yet where you are, you still have time to be taken up into the sky.

  6. HA HA HA, So did the dogs get raptured or did the atheist rescuers come to their rescue? Wait, who would think you would get raptured? That’s just silly.

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