Rural Router Quickie Fix

Our rural area  has major issues with the Internet service. We constantly need to reset our router.  If you’ve ever needed to reboot your home wireless router, you know it’s important to disconnect it from the system and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting it.   To pass the time my husband and I slip into the bedroom and have passionate sex . . . that way we only have to wait 27 seconds.

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11 thoughts on “Rural Router Quickie Fix”

  1. Yes but neither of you will have Restless Leg Syndrome conditions for the rest of the day.

    1. Who knew that 3 seconds worth of relief could cure what ails ya’!!!

      1. There ya go letting all the world know what we get up to whe the router goes off line.

  2. well, I had my comment to write until you called me on the phone and then I told you my comment so I have nothing to say here anymore except, come on Pete, can’t you find something else to do that will last more than 3 seconds.

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