10 thoughts on “Six Word Memoirs”

  1. This was very sweet, Deb. If I had a husband, he probably would have said, “You’re cranky. I’m going out until you cheer up.”

    1. Most of the time he’s oblivious to me being cranky but when I’m under the weather he’s a champ! Thanks Steph~!

    1. Yes Matty wise and smart. In the mood I was in one wrong word and I would have slugged him!!

  2. I loved this one Deb and why were you down? I don’t like reading that part. But I say, “Good job Pete!” For giving Deb this bit of inspiration.

    1. I guess a better word would be sick. I had a sore throat and of course my job is talking . . . ALL DAY! I got home he made me tea. As we finished our tea our wedding song came on the radio, so we danced. Sappy but true. 🙂

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