Snorting Caffeine

So, does the idea of snorting your daily caffeine pique your interest? Do you love coffee but don’t have time to make a pot each morning ? Well, don’t worry; I have a product for you that will quell your caffeine desire without the need for a single coffee bean or even a mug.  Caffeine-addicted public, meet  AeroShot.

AeroShot is inhaled caffeine. It is sort of like an asthma inhaler only instead of  medicine to help you breathe, you get a shot of caffeine to get you going.   AeroShot consists of a light, plastic inhaler that delivers that caffeine to your tongue. The  lime-flavored puffs of powdered caffeine are absorbed instantly.  Is this “caffeine dosage” enough to jump-start your day ?  Absolutely. Each capsule inhaler is equivalent to about 100 mg of caffeine  or a large cup of coffee.  And before anyone says how bad this is for you, let me cut you off right here and now and add this little fact: AeroShot also contains  100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamins B6,  B12 and niacin.  The only drawback I see is that it might not get the body “moving”  in other ways  – a side effect of hot coffee that many people rely on in the morning.

You might wonder: Who thinks up this stuff? Well, Harvard University people, of course.  Actually, a man named David Edwards who is a biomedical engineering professor is behind this idea.  He has experience in inhaled products as he is also the inventor of a no-cal chocolate inhaler called Le Whif.  Honestly, this man is my hero. If I could, I would make him a saint.  I tear up just thinking about the unbelievable good he has already done for this world giving us inhalable ( I just made up that word;I hope it catches on.) chocolate.  Millions of PMSing women would die for him. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention his real job is working on inhaled vaccines and medicines and important stuff like that, but truly with that background, it was only a short jump to caffeine and chocolate.

I give high kudos to Professor Edwards. Think about the effects of inhaled caffeine. No more commuter mugs which means no more people spilling hot coffee on themselves as they drive to work. The amount of cardboard and Styrofoam would be reduced greatly and with no need to hold any type of coffee cup, your hands are free to hold breakfast pastry.  I love breakfast pastry, but perhaps down the road, the professor could make a jelly doughnut inhaler which delivers the taste of the fattening food without the calories or sugar.  I would be the first to buy this product. In fact, if he needs guinea pigs in his lab for faux doughnuts, he can email me immediately.  I am willing to sacrifice myself for this worthwhile cause.

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8 thoughts on “Snorting Caffeine”

  1. Makes me wonder if all of us, caffeine addicts, who switch to inhalers would get the crack addict scratching habit.. hrm… sores all over me? Nah.. I’ll stick to burning my tongue every morning.

  2. I’m sure he’ll need a focus group for these products. Sign me up along with the stock options!!

  3. Oh my, I don’t think I like this type of progress, I much prefer the aroma of the coffee as I grind the beans and then as the hot water gently caresses the mix to give me a delightful brew each morning. It is my equivalent to chocolate for the chocoholic and I don’t see an inhaler for them. So, when there is an Aero-Hershey on the market then, and only then, will I consider such a caffine induction method.

    Very informative post though 🙂

    1. I am with you Peter. I like my mug! I like the aroma of coffee making and I like the taste of that coffee too. I think this is a ridiculous product but I do like the chocolate inhaler. That would save me a few inches on my hips!

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