Tampons, How Do They Work?

Does any man really know how a tampon works? I know what it does, but I certainly don’t know the components… I don’t know how to use one. It’s not as if I am looking for a new skill to add to my resumé, Tampon Ops Expert, but as a renaissance man… I feel as if I should know. I know women who have no idea how a condom works (I think this was my wheelhouse during my bachelor days)… so maybe I am the male version of them, except where they are inept with condoms… I’m tampon retarded.

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8 thoughts on “Tampons, How Do They Work?”

  1. You’re like the guy who stumbles into Area 51 and asks, “What’s behind this door?” You’re dealing with powers that you can’t comprehend. Or don’t want to, at least.

  2. wow, I did not know guys found tampons so intriguing. I guess if you see the ones that don’t come with an applicator, they could be confusing or maybe it’s the applicator. To be honest, I always thought condoms were self-explanatory. But I guess I am a quick study.

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