The Dentist Chair

I don’t like to see people argue. I especially don’t like it when they argue in front of me and pretend I am not there.  Last Friday, I was at the dentist.  My mouth was filled with cotton and the water hook thing and God knows what else. The hygienist was leaning over me making small talk. I was politely answering her questions using a combination of sign language and a grunt inflection system — which all dentists and hygienist seem to understand.

As I was lying there trying to act cool and unafraid, a second hygienist came in the room and began to scold my hygienist. From what I could ascertain, my hygienist had filled the wrong tooth on some kid who sat in my very chair right before me.

“So, the kid will be fine and I already called his mother, and she won’t be charged,” my hygienist said to the other hygienist who seemed to wield some power.

“That’s not the point,” the super hygienist said. “You have to make sure you know your teeth.”

At this point, I started to move from the chair. The super hygienist seeing my concern, looked at my hygienist and said,

“I thought this one was nitrous oxide.”

“No, Novocaine.”

That is when the super hygienist got really panicky.

“I am so sorry. This was just a misunderstanding. Everything is okay. I will let Carol finish up on you.”

Yes, Carol finished filling my tooth and who knows, it might even have been the right tooth, but I will never go back to that practice. Yep, I walked out of that office, went home and found a new dentist.  Let’s face it, and get ready because here is my big punny finish:  “The tooth will set you free.”  Get it?

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8 thoughts on “The Dentist Chair”

  1. Well, tooth be told, I was woozy from the novocaine. So, I was a captive audience.

  2. Holy cavity, Stephanie. You stuck around longer than I would have. I wouldn’t have even allowed them to finish. Good thing you learned the ‘tooth’ before it was too late.

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