The difference between Brits and Yanks

1) You say tomato

2) We say tomato

3) We clap politely and might, if extremely excited, mutter ‘Bravo!’

4) You whoop and holler and let loose with your Smith and Wesson six shooters

5) You go to city-sized shopping malls

6) We go down the road to the corner shop

7) Your taxi drivers are incredibly rude

8) We can’t understand our taxi drivers

9) You all go to psychiatrists like it’s a visit to the hairdresser

10) We use our hairdressers like psychiatrists

11) We have a Royal Family

12) You have Donald Trump’s family

13) You have very strange families in rural areas

14) We have the Royal Family in their holiday homes

15) We used to have an Empire

16) You have McDonalds


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9 thoughts on “The difference between Brits and Yanks”

  1. 17. Americans will try to get an Englishman to talk just so we can hear the accent.

    18. British actors are finally learning how to speak with convincing American accents.

  2. You (UK) paint zig-zag lines approaching an intersection, our lines (US) stay straight right into the cross-walk (or stop line before a cross-walk).

    Why do you paint those zig-zag lines? 🙂

  3. You’ve also taken a perfectly understandable game, Rugby Football, and turned into something incomprehensible – American Football. And why all that body armour and helmets? Have you seen our brave rugby players with nothing but the odd gumshield in the face of the enemy?

  4. I think I like your royal family better than Donald Trump. No one in his family looks like Kate or Pippa. Well, I guess technically, she is not royal, but close enough for our royal standards. Trump is just a big ego with bad hair. However, I like the idea of six shooters although at American football games I think they might not be the best way to cheer on a team. I can see some trouble with that! Oh, and one more thing, are our English muffins really English? I do like scones though. This was a blast, Simon!

  5. The other danger of UK taxi drivers – the ones who CAN speak English – is that they will insist on TALKING to you all the time. It’s almost as if they think it’s part of the service. Well-intentioned as it may be, to a slightly deaf travel-weary cartoonist trying to stay calm before an on-the-spot caricaturing job, it can be extremely annoying.

  6. No cabbies speak English in NYC either. I don’t think so. When I get inside of a cab, I rely on sign language and yelling. Very funny!

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