The Virgin Diaries

I watched part of a show last night on TLC called “Virgin Diaries” which supposedly tells the story of virgin adults living in our non-virgin-oriented world.  One couple had not even shared a kiss until they wed, and, of course, the cameras were there to report that first spit-swapping  experience.  I hope if there are future virgin couples for this show, they practice  kissing because this week’s featured couple’s idea of kissing looked more like two  anteaters  sucking out each other’s guts than a romantic embrace.

So, I have a suggestion for the show.  Make it the “One-Virgin Diaries”. In this scenario, a virgin is matched up with someone of more experience so the first suck face fest would be less awkward.  I think they should start off with a celebrity couple to get the ratings going. My suggestion: Tim Tebow and Britney Spears.  .


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