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What is it about our culture that needs to cover celebrities and their mundane, routine existence?  Are our own lives so devoid of fulfillment that some are redeemed as they  live vicariously through others in moments of triumph or seeing ourselves so much better during low times of those who fill the pages of gossip magazines and TV screens?  Such seems to be the case with two such celebrities this week.

Hugh Hefner is getting married this June and when approached by the paparazzi he informs us that he’s “not nervous at all, [but] excited”.  Wow! Now there’s news we needed to know and never thought possible.

But at 85 and after two other marriages, “being excited” isn’t quite the same as a high school boy finding himself in close quarters with the likes of  Hefner’s bride-to-be Crystal Harris, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in December 2009.

The octogenarian playboy is always expected to live up to his bon vivant image he created when he began his “sexual liberation” career back in the ’50’s.  But please people, let’s get real.  I suspect it will most likely be with the aid of modern pharmaceuticals that will enable Mr. Hefner to pull things off on their honeymoon night.   Rumor has it (the one I’m starting right here) that there’s a clause in their pre-nuptial contract that says Ms. Harris get’s a bonus if she can get Hugh “excited” in the natural way.     SOURCE

And then there’s the converse of celebrity fame.  Nicolas Cage was arrested recently in New Orleans for suspicion of domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness.  It had followed an incident in public where Cage insisted that he was standing in front of his residence to which his wife argued it wasn’t.

No further information was given why Cage thought he was standing in front of his home when he wasn’t but it is suspected that Cage was merely using a lame excuse to explain to his wife why he was seen coming out of a local brothel several days earlier.  Re-enacting his character in “Leaving Las Vegas” Cage tried to pretend he was too drunk to know any better for lack of any better explanation at the time.  Hey! He won an Oscar for that role.  What else does he have to fall back on?  His most recent enactments of an action figure are simply too much to ask the viewing public to accept.     SOURCE


Not sure what to make of this?

I think most religious and atheist people would know what was intended here but let’s hope the insane fringe element at Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t catch wind of this.  If they think soldiers killed in combat are remotely associated with homosexuality, they are likely to go ballistic if the concept that Jesus was gay crosses their sick minds.


And Finally

When I was taking Sociology 101 in Jr. College back in Dallas in the early 70’s we invited the Grand Dragoness of the Texas KKK to explain her racists views to us as a matter of objective analysis.  The little old lady who called herself Dixie Leber (Leber spelled backwards is Rebel) could have easily passed for someone’s sweet little old grandmother but she could spew racist comments with the worst of them.  The one response I recall of all the questions we asked of her was why she felt blacks and whites should not co-exist together.  Without batting an eye she said “it’s in the Bible”.  She then quoted that part of Genesis 1:4 that says “and God divided the light from the darkness.” No … really.


That was nearly 40 years ago but I think the spirit of Ms. Leber has resurfaced in another grand-motherly type in Orange County, California who sent this picture below in e-mails to her friends with the caption above it “Now you know why no birth certificate”

Ms. Davenport was described by one GOP official who obviously wanted to remain anonymous as “a really, really sweet old lady”.  Another described here more in a manner to defend the Republican Party in Orange County but was less than clever in part of his defense of her “birther” obsessions about the President.  “One of her passions that drives her is the president’s lack of forthrightness about where he was born. Marilyn believes that nobody knows where he was born and so this picture says a thousand words”, said Tim Whitacre, a longtime conservative Orange County Republican activist in Santa Ana.  SOURCE

Yes Mr. White-acre, obviously many twits like you and Ms. Davenport assume that because you can’t accept the evidence of Obama’s birth certificate that somehow his origins are related to what white southern people often mocked blacks as when they held them as slaves.


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  1. Well, youm knew which picture to put first! Hef has said many times that he owes a lot to modern pharmacology and without blue pills his women would be very blue!

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