Turducken: What the heck is it?

Turducken you say? What is it you say? It sounds like a disease you can get after hunting ducks in an unnamed pond. I first heard of the Turducken when John Madden was announcing for football games. It seemed like all of November he would talk about this Turducken. I think you could hear him drooling. I,however, could never get the word right, always asking, “What’d he call it? A turkey mc-muffin? What’s that bird he makes fun of, the turkey dunkin? Did he say Truh-ducking?”

Well, it is pronounced just as it is spelled – TUR – DUCK – EN. So where the heck did this come from and what is it? The Turducken has been around for 31 years, so to some people it’s pretty new, to others, well, pretty old I guess. The Turducken is actually Trademarked, yup, because of its fabulous name I suppose, and said to be invented in sorts by a Paul Prudhomme. I guess he didn’t want to call it the Pruducken.

So what is the Turducken? It is basically a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey. This process is done when they are no longer living of course. Doing this alive would be really difficult anyway. Apparently when this Turducken tradition started in 1980, it was a Cajun thing, which I think makes perfect sense, because those Cajun’s, well, they do do things spicy. After all, you have to de-bone all the birds.

So why make a Turducken? It’s supposed to be a pretty tasty concoction of bird, because when you layer three birds together with bread-stuffing shoved into the gaps that are left open, rather than cooking one lonely bird, the result is quite a treat.

Is there a downside? Depends who you ask. There is a possibility of developing a “caw” and waking up with a few feathers the next morning. But hey, that is all in the name of a fabulous bird. Or three birds, rather. Totally worth it.
Hey! Don’t forget to de-bone!



Turducken Recipes:

Paula Deen (you know hers is good because it is probably filled with lard and butter and cream)
Homecooking (probably in Uncle Bubba’s backyard fire pit)
Cajun Grocer (watch out for that spice)


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