What a drag it is getting old…

I just watched a cat fight scene in a swimming pool with Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis (“You Again”). If I were a  dude, I would want to rinse my eyes out with some sort of magical Rewind solution. And as a woman, I am officially on board with actresses “of a certain age” being happy with  character roles – and avoiding submersion at all costs. (The lone exception being Helen Mirren.)

Before you confiscate my feminist card, please know that I would prefer not to see Clint Eastwood oiled up in a Speedo either.

Jamie Lee Curtis topless © by RobotSkirts


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4 thoughts on “What a drag it is getting old…”

  1. Time is not our friend in so many ways but where it is seldom get’s recognized by those who perhaps need it most, like aging actors.

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