What Did They Match Osama’s DNA With To Identify Him?

A question that many have asked is, “How did they identify Osama bin Laden via DNA? Wouldn’t they have had to have a sample of his DNA from earlier?”

The answer is: Fine quality wool was not the only thing retrieved from the sheep in the region of Tora Bora.

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6 thoughts on “What Did They Match Osama’s DNA With To Identify Him?”

  1. Well, Osama was busy in many ways I take it? You know, you can start a rumor that is is true and see how far it would go. Of course, you might also be the next Salman Rushdie if you did that.

  2. I heard from a reliable source that they actually shot a bearded goat by mistake, thats why they buried him at sea, so-as no one would know how bad Obama F-ed up! Maybe this damned Obama care took eye exams away from the Navy Seals.

    1. Yes, that and “death panels” are its true hallmark. I’m amazed how someone who resides in a trailer park and uses the ER as their primary care is up to speed on Obama-care.

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