What Pole Dancers Need to Succeed

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I was thinking about getting my husband new golf clubs, but a friend of mine mentioned that maybe all he needed were new grips for his clubs.  I didn’t really understand the concept of new grips.  Why pay just as much for new tops for the  clubs, if for the same price, I can get new bottoms too?  I decided to do some online research.

As I was scouting out my golf options, I came across a website that sold a lot of sports equipment for golf, baseball and pole dancing.  Yes, pole dancing – who knew it was a sport!  Well, I admit I was intrigued, and I started to read about it. I have to say there is more to pole dancing than meets the eye.

For example, did you know that there is a special grip powder for dancers to ensure that they “stick” to a pole and don’t fall off?  And it only costs $10.95.  How fun would it be to leave pole-dancing grip powder in my bathroom medicine chest and then invite guests over? You know at least one of them will snoop to see what’s in there. I bet if I did that, I would soon be despised by every other woman on the block, but on the other hand, I would be pretty darn popular with the men.

While the powder is a must for pole performers, there are times when all the powder in the world is not going to keep a girl attached, so for those slippery moments, there are official pole dancing crash mats. I think the mats are a  smart idea. While I have never seen a pole dancer in person, I have seen pictures, and pole dancers are quite the athletic and flexible type. Their routines require a variety of positions, which if not performed correctly, could lead to bodily injury.   Nothing takes “the sexy” out of a pole dance like blood pouring from a gaping head wound because the dancer crashed to a hard floor.

Let’s see what else do pole dancers need: training gloves, ankle and arm braces, pain relief cream, apparel – yes, I would think the right apparel can make or break a pole dance–and of course, the poles themselves which range in price from $249 for a plain old chrome pole to $499 for a Lil’ Mynx  Pro Pole in polished stainless steel.  Some poles come in colors too which I think would add a festive look to the performance.

I know when people here pole dancing  they automatically think smut, but to be honest, the women and men who do this activity have to be in tip-top shape.  I have seen pole dancing classes offered– one in the basement of a local church which I thought was odd–and I have been tempted to see what they are all about.

The good thing about going somewhere to take classes is that I would not have to purchase my own pole. It is provided to each student as part of the tuition. I wouldn’t mind that as long as I didn’t have to share it with someone. To me, a pole is sort of like a toothbrush – only one person should ever use it unless it is disinfected with lots of Purell between users.  Maybe not Purell as that would make it extra slippery but I guess that is where the grip powder would come into play.

I might really look into one of these classes, but I think I will keep it quiet if I join up.  I got enough abuse when I took the belly dancing course, so I think pole dancing might make some of the people I know a little  unnerved or worse — interested.


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10 thoughts on “What Pole Dancers Need to Succeed”

      1. well, Gentlemen, the President of the site contacted me and wants me to either become a pole dancer or cover the sport in depth. If I had the time, I would do either. Very interesting indeed.

  1. I think the pole was originally used to keep the girl vertical after she had drunk enough to perform her dance! Then, after she got used to holding onto something that hard and long, she wouldn’t let go!

  2. I wonder who first came up with the idea of pole dancing. I mean, did somebody say, “Oh, look! There’s a pole. I think I want to dance with it.” ??? Or did the pole look so inviting – ah, never mind – the phallic symbolism – I get it. Kind of. But why do guys want to watch? Never mind. Got that too. Voyeurism 😉

  3. “one in the basement of a local church which I thought was odd–and I have been tempted to see what they are all about.”

    I, too, have been tempted to know what goes on in the basement at church. Not enough to actually go, but tempted nonetheless.

      1. Nowhere did I say that. I don’t mind going to the places where there are lots of poles. It’s when they put a vertical bar across the top and put a bloody dude on it where it starts to get creepy.

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