Who Wants to be President?

I’m for no one who is marching to the White House. Besides which, isn’t it too early to fill one’s brain with political jabberwocky? I have enough things on my mind no less spend time remembering who is running for President and who changed their mind and decided to stay home with their family or get a really high paying job as a political analyst. It really isn’t a job for a family person is it? We need more divorced candidates. Come to think of it, being President is a crappy job. Face it; everyone ends up hating you. We’re fickle folks out here in the electorate….one false move and you’re SOL. And the ultimate irony is if we do change our minds and applaud your accomplishments or think you weren’t so bad after all…. you’re dead. Ha! Except for Bill – let’s all say a big collective “we’re sorry” because face it, we miss him. I wonder if he needs a job.

I’ve lost track of who’s running for President vs. who’s running for cover. I think Michele and Sarah have left the building. Trust me, Girls, shopping for cute winter clothes will be a lot more rewarding. Be sure and check out the skinny corduroy jeans at J.Crew. I bought them in two colors, but I digress. So who’s left and who cares? I really like pizza, so it’s easy to remember the guy who knows a lot about crust and good toppings. I didn’t do very well in high school biology dissecting a frog so anyone whose name is Newt I have to say a big slimy “No.” That leaves us a Mormon and a Texan. Whoa, Buckaroos ain’t we got fun? They both have a full head of hair and nice teeth. Although the Presidency is very hard on hair – it seems to fly off their heads. However, we do like young, good-looking candidate; so, it could be a beauty contest that boils down to the swimsuit competition.

There is one candidate for sure,of course: the sitting President–although there was some teenie tiny rumor that Hillary could be in the wings. And is there a collective “We’re sorry” for her also? I’m burying my head in the sand until the slug-fest for the Oval Office is over. In the meantime, some of you divorced folks, think about running.

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One thought on “Who Wants to be President?”

  1. It’s gotten to the point for me that if I hear one negative comment from one of the politicians, I DO NOT vote for that one, so the one who doesn’t badmouth his or her opponent is the one in the running for me. We’ll see…

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