Boots, Booty, and Nancy Sinatra

I became Twitter-obsessed in 2010. It probably happened when I got the shocking email. My scream sent the family running. Sure, it was a happy scream, but the volume and intensity sounded more like “I won the lottery” than “Nancy Sinatra is following me on Twitter”.

That’s right, Nancy Sinatra was following me on Twitter. She was the first celebrity to follow me first. For social media virgins, maybe that’s no big deal, but for those of us regular people jumping into the Twitterverse, it’s a huge rush. After dismissing my concerned relatives (“no lottery booty here”), I reveled in my new celeb popularity. Surely Nancy saw my potential as a fun friend. We would dust off our white go-go boots, meet for martinis and talk about the ’70’s. We’d get along fabulously, comparing notes on the imaginary men we sent packing with her “Now walk!” line.

But reality hits hard when you notice your celebrity BFF is following 40,000 tweeps.  Even with decent self-esteem, one realizes there’s no martini night when social media popularity throws you into a pile of thousands. No wait, now it’s hundreds of thousands. Still, for a brief moment I was the girl with the go-go boots meeting Nancy Sinatra for drinks. Now I’m off in my Uggs to go buy a lottery ticket. Thinking those odds might be a little better…


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10 thoughts on “Boots, Booty, and Nancy Sinatra”

  1. When I was working in a library back in my younger days, I once took a call from Cliff Robertson. He was looking to do some research for a new movie role. He was very nice and polite. I couldn’t help him, but I did my best to direct him to where he could get what he needed.

    When working another temp job, at a well-known corporate entity, I also took a call from an actor who I will not name, who had been a television star for a while back in the late 50s and early 60s. He was rude and demanding.

    Aside from a couple of celebrity sitings, this is the closest I’ve ever come to fame and fortune.

    1. Mike,
      I thought someone hacked your acct bec I didn’t “get” this. Now realize that I am sadly clueless about Nancy Sinatra’s song catalog. This may explain why I haven’t been on the party invite list. Thanks for pointing that out!!

  2. I have a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of the guy on Swamp People who stalked me from Facebook to Twitter. . .?

  3. I once got an email from Terry Bush who wrote the theme tune for ‘The Littlest Hobo’. That was the one and only time, I had any correspondence from any celebrity. Did it feel good? Yes it did. Does this show how sad I am as person, it definitely does.

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