5 College-Bound Tips for Justin Bieber’s Mom

Rumor has it that 18-year-old Justin Bieber might not have college on his radar, BUT he hasn’t ruled it out yet. So while it’s not at the top of his priority list, you know how kids are. Face it, a multimillion dollar career is meaningless to a teen if he’s fantasizing about art history classes and a little Greek life. Because a pop star schedule doesn’t allow for much higher ed exploration, it’s time to bring Justin’s mom up to speed in case he decides on a 4-year career detour.

1. Obviously, Justin is too busy rehearsing and sweeping the charts, to hit a Kaplan class. We already know he’s a musical genius, so why stress him? Take a look at schools that don’t require the SAT or ACT. There are plenty of great schools that don’t require standardized tests or place less emphasis on that part of the picture. P.S.—There is no scientific study that confirms one standardized prep program is better than the other. He can also study by himself on the tour bus.

2. He can tell an admissions office he’s sold-out the Staples Center, but unless he has a portfolio and letters of recommendation to prove it, it’s meaningless. Documentation is everything.

3. He’s a great kid and appears to respect you a lot, but statistically speaking, he’s going to drag his feet when told to write those college essays. Tell him to pretend he’s writing lyrics and maybe he’ll knock them out quickly. If not, remind him he can’t play with Usher until he does a draft.

4. Selena Gomez: She seems like a talented and sweet young woman, but when Justin goes to college, you will secretly hope he is able to make social decisions without a partner. This is totally normal. However, the more you push in one direction, the more likely it is he will go in the other. Tread lightly.

5. Okay, paying for college probably won’t be a problem, but guidance counselors and financial aid people everywhere will still tell you to fill out the FAFSA—Free application for Federal Student Aid. You’ll do it for Justin, stumble through the crazy math, and never get a dime.

P.S. I love our U.S. institutions, but last I heard, Canadian schools are cheaper.



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