A picture is worth 500 words + another 500 words

“I have a dream,” said I to whoever was listening. Truth be known, there weren’t many listening but those who were, were fixated on my four words. I decided that the time was right to expand on the words but remembered the old adage that a picture is worth 500 words + another 500 words. I shut up and employed my prop, to perfect effect, if I say so myself:

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8 thoughts on “A picture is worth 500 words + another 500 words”

  1. By the way, you do know that cutting off someone’s head with a sword (or whatever that is) is against the law in most countries, right?

    1. How right you are. That’s why I’m looking into having myself declared a Sovereign State. Once the paperwork comes through, everything should just fall into place!

    1. Now that’s a fascinating question. Bon Jovi have already damaged society to an irreparable state. Jason Bieber on the other hand, is relatively new to poisoning music. With this in mind, if one could only behead one of them with a sword, I would choose the Bieber. That guy has the potential to infect generations so we should really move sooner rather than later!

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