A Political Fish Tale Caught on Tape with Soundtrack

This week in the news an Australian angler hooked a 600-pound Marlin. During the exhausting battle the large fish unexpectedly leaps into the charter fishing boat and go berserk. The fish was overheard ranting it had enough of the American presidential campaign mud-slinging ads and knew it was in trouble when Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone started playing in the background. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt and the fish was unscathed during the event. The only tragedy – the Marlin will have Danger Zone stuck in its head for the rest of its life.




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3 thoughts on “A Political Fish Tale Caught on Tape with Soundtrack”

  1. Oh please don’t blame me . . . blame Bon Jovi ’cause they give love a bad name, lol!

  2. Oh no, I hope its is not true that the last song you heard or heard about stays in your head all day! If so, you better hide Deb, cause Bill Y will be blaming you for it! lol

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